Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cassiobury Waxwings - 11.1.11

A day out marking footy pitches around the borough saw nothing very exciting with 3 Rooks at KGV playing fields being unusual. It was only when going to lock the toilets in the park around 3pm that I noticed a couple who I bump into now and then looking up at a tree just North of cha cha cafe. They had asked me the day before if i'd seen anything good so I told them about my 40 Waxwings that had flown over me that morning and told them that they seem to head over the park in the morning and evening so maybe try and see if any come past. Low and behold there infront of them were at least 120 Waxwings which were annoying the local Mistle Thrushes by eating all their berries!! Other birders had at least 10 more from noon onwards.

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