Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cassiobury Park and Watford - 13.1.11

Whilst in the yard this morning I heard that now familiar trilling noise and looked up to see 13 Waxwings in the large Oak tree just East of the yard. Every now and then new birds would appear until 48 were present before they flew off into the park. On arriving back at the park for lunch there were 3 birders busy looking at the Waxwings including Chris Sharp who I nearly drowned with on the Alder Flycatcher twitch last year!! After lunch we headed back to Vicarage road cemetery and then I had to pop over to the Oxhey depot where 19 Waxwings flew out of the allotments!! Then back at the cemetery around 2.40pm a flock of Waxwings flew in from the North and I counted 38 birds. Thinking that they were probably from the park I was surprised to see when back in the yard 58 Waxwings flying around with some Redwings and Woodpigeons. So all in all a grand total of 115 birds today!

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