Friday, 21 February 2014

Watford + Home

In Cassiobury Park a single Lesser Redpoll flew over and  Treecreeper creeped up a tree by the changing rooms before flying off. On the journey home a Sparrowhawk flew over Kings Langley or Kings Landing as its temporarily known as a plug for the TV show Game Of Thrones! Then as I sat on the sofa 2 Red Kite flew past the window.

Watford - 18.2.14

3 Cormorant flew over Wiggenhall road depot first thing and then once we had finished our pruning on the ring road a Peregrine flew up from the roof of the YMCA building and proceeded to circle over the shopping centre.

Cassiobury Park - 17.2.14

On arrival at the park to pick up road signs and traffic cones for the ring road pruning 2 Lesser Redpoll flew around the yard calling and then my boss came over and told me about a few strange birds in the cemetery that had red along the sides. I told him they were Redwing to which he asked are they rare? I then pointed to a tree in the park and said not really as there were around 50 sat in it!

Watford - 15.2.14

Every now and then my mum would let me know that she had been having a male Blackcap visiting her garden and then asking "have you seen one yet this year"? But today as I was round there I stood by the kitchen window and waited. I didn't have to wait too long as suddenly there at the base of the bird bath was the male Blackcap. It fed on the spilt seed from the feeders but flew up into the shrubs in next doors gardens to join a second male! My mum hadn't seen two together so I sort of got my own back! The record count for her garden is 4 (3 male + 1 female) but that was a few years ago now.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Work - 10.2.14

The first bird of the day was a Sparrowhawk flying over the trees behind Wiggenhall depot as I walked to my locker and shortly after 8 Canada Geese flew over. In Cassiobury Park around the yard a small group of Siskin were calling and 2 Coal Tit were singing away.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Round Up

I received a message on the 28th of 3 male Mandarin in Cassiobury Park on the flood in the meadow along with a pair of Bullfinch.

On the 29th a Tawny Owl was calling as I walked to my car to go to work and then when I'd arrived a flock of 8 Cormorant flew over.

The 30th saw either 6 of yesterdays or 6 new Cormorant flying over Wiggenhall Road.

The 31st arrived and due to all the rain I had to do some football pitch inspections. While checking out Cassiobury Park a Lesser Redpoll flew over and around 30 Siskin were in the trees by the car park.

3rd Feb and a Sparrowhawk flew over Watford FC being mobbed by crows. I also received another message from Cassiobury Park that a Kingfisher was near the little meadow bridge and a pair of Goldcrest nearby.

The Mandarin count increased today (4th) with 4 now on the meadow (3 male 1 female).