Thursday, 26 January 2017

Scilly - 13.10.16

Another day of visiting various site with 12 visited today.

Porthcressa beach had a Greenshank on it.

The Dump Clump added a further 2 YB Warbler to the list.

I finally caught up with a Redstart with a female on Old Town beach with another Greenshank seen.

A Short-Toed Lark was on the airfield (my 3rd there).

Porth Hellick saw another YB Warbler penned into my note book as well as a Firecrest and Willow Warbler.

Carn Friars is one of my favourite areas on the island and today 3 Whinchat, Fieldfare and a leucistic Song Thrush were noted.

Eastern Yellow Wagtail

I had a Lapland Bunting fly over me at Porth Hellick Downs and soon after my radio died so I called Steve to ask if he heard anything over the radio could he call me. He agreed to do so but then asked if I'd heard about the wagtail at Lower Moors. I said no what is it to which he replied either Citrine or Eastern Yellow! As by now I'd walked over 40 miles this week I called a cab and got dropped off by Old Town café and wandered up to the Standing Stone field to find nobody there! I was soon joined by a couple of birders including Cliff Smith. I then had a call from Steve. They had re-found the bird from the hide on Lower Moors. The hide was full when I arrived so I viewed from the screen and was treated to great views of what had now been identified as a (probable) EASTERN YELLOW WAGTAIL. After a few minutes of watching this ghostly grey bird it took off uttering a raspy Yellow Wagtail type call. A small number of this species had been seen throughout the UK this Autumn so here's hoping for acceptance!

I joined Steve in a walk up to Carreg Dhu gardens and added a Firecrest to the list and as we were resting our feet news of a Barred Warbler broke from Pelistry in a hedgerow I'd been looking at an hour before! Dave Hall kindly led the way up there and within five minutes we had satisfactory views of the bird. Steve and I then said lets go get some strudel! Tucking into our strudel a case of Deja Vu occurred as the pager mega'd and again the bird in question was another Siberian Accentor but this time in E.Yorkshire! Would it stick for another 4 days? Only time would tell.

The final bird of the day was up on the Garrison. A stunning Pallas's Warbler was gracing the trees around the football pitch and campsite flashing its lemon rump to the crowds. A great end to the day.

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