Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Not Quite All Rosy - 2.5.16

A Sad Looking Roseate Tern

The phrase like buses is often used and today it certainly was. Roseate Tern records in Herts before last year were of a bird seen at Wilstone Reservoir back in the 1960's and then nothing until the bird at Amwell in May 2015. So like buses another turned up this time at Wilstone. I headed up there expecting to see it flying over the reservoir but no it was perched on the concrete edge looking rather unwell. Like the Amwell bird this one was metal ringed on both legs and we thought its from Coquet Island in Northumberland. It wasn't until the following day when it was picked up moribund that the metal rings could be read and it was found to have been rung in July 2012 in the tern colony on Rockabill Island, Ireland! Unfortunately on the way to Tiggywinkles it died but 2 in 2 years is an amazing record. 3 in 3 in 2017? Who knows! 2 Common Sandpiper were also added to the year list.

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