Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Lappet Moth

Grass Eggar

Jersey Tiger

Garden Tiger

At the end of January myself, Carey, Tom and Phoebe joined Carey's family for a week in mid France. As I've been moth trapping since last year I was lent a makeshift trap by a family friend and managed to trap over 150 species in 2 nights. This helped occupy me from having no wifi! The birds in the local area were pretty good too. Half a dozen Turtle Dove purred away each morning along with a couple of Golden Oriole. A couple of Honey Buzzard and around a dozen Black Kite were overhead and in the local town 4 Fan-Tailed Warbler were seen. But on the one day I did manage to get wifi I received lots of messages about a Western Purple Swamphen that was showing well at Minsmere RSPB reserve! That'd have to stick until Sunday I thought! As it turned out it did a Friday night bunk which my so called friends gleefully reminded me about!

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