Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Scilly - 7.10.13

Turtle Dove by me and Pied Fly, Golden Plover + Lapland Bunting courtesy of Brendan Fagan
Today was spent on my own on St.Mary's. First stop was The Garrison in the hope of the Lapland Bunting but that had done a bunk just before I arrived. A Yellow Wagtail was on the footy pitch though and a Reed Warbler was by the kids playground. A quick look around the tennis courts and I picked out a Pied Flycatcher that was probably the same one Steve had found there two days previous. I left and wandered back towards Old Town and another visit to the church. Another Hummingbird Hawkmoth was seen resting on a Palm tree shortly followed by a brief glimpse of my second Red-Breasted Flycatcher in two days. I walked past my digs and round the back to Porth Minnick where in a ploughed field was a very showy Turtle Dove. After a long walk I arrived at the windsock on the airfield where I finally connected with 2 Lapland Bunting. This was followed by an uneventful walk around the east of the island seeing nothing of note bar a couple of Greenshank on Porth Hellick. Eventually I came across something noteworthy when 3 Raven were seen at Parting Carn. News over the radio alerted me to 3 Golden Plover in Old Town bay. Not overly exciting I know but they were an embarrassing year tick! A Kingfisher that flew across the bay was nice.

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