Monday, 28 October 2013

Lawrence's Warbler - New Header Photo.

As some of my regular readers (if there are any?!) may notice I have a new photo at the top of my blog. The bird in the photo is a stunning Lawerence's Warbler (hybrid Golden-Winged x Blue-Winged Warbler) that I was fortunate enough to see in Central Park, New York back in August. As you may also be able to tell it's far too good a photo to have been taken by myself! It was in fact taken by Deborah Allen who was leading the guided birding tours I went on while I was there. If you like the look of this photo you can see more of Deborah's wonderful photos at and type in Deborah Allen. Alternatively if you type Birding Bob into Google you will find out more about the enjoyable guided walks i.e. where to meet and when. Thanks again Debbie for use of your photo. It looks good!

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