Monday, 28 October 2013

Tyttenhanger GP's - 15.10.13

The rather showy Great White Egret.
On the first day of my Scilly trip news broke of a Great White Egret at Tyttenhanger Gp's. This was made even more in interesting when I bumped into 2 of the regular patch workers in the bar on Scilly! Luckily for all concerned it stuck around for the week and they both saw it when they arrived home. I finally dragged myself over there and on arrival was expecting it to be on view from the causeway over the main pit. Luckily for me a birder from Royston told me it was over the other side viewed from the small causeway below the farm. A muddy walk ensued before I arrived and found the bird showing brilliantly a few feet away totally at ease with my presence. While watching it and getting the photos above I had a Sparrowhawk fly through and 25 Fieldfare overhead. Amazingly the GW Egret was my 5th in Herts. Will they be regular and breeding like its Little cousins soon?! A Little Egret was on the main pit on the walk back.

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