Sunday, 9 October 2011

Scillies + Cornwall - 8.10.11

Our last day on the islands but no time for birding. A Skylark on the airfield was new for the week and then we were off. We left the Heliport having had an excellent week of birding and walking and supposed relaxing! But the birding wasn't quite done as we set of towards Drift reservoir. A Little Egret was seen in Penzance and just before the village of Catchall we parked up in a layby and immediately got onto another Black Kite! There were 3 present but in the time I had I only saw the 1 bird. A Buzzard flew past and a 1st winter Mediterranean Gull took off from the neighbouring field.

Hopefully you won't fall asleep reading my weeks worth of sightings and it's probably best to scroll down to the 1st entry so you can read it in order! The only downers of the week were the news of the Sandhill Crane in Suffolk flying off 2 days before we left and the Upland Sandpiper being found when we were 1 hour from home!

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