Sunday, 16 October 2011

Getting The Boot In - 16.10.11

The 1st Winter Booted? Warbler.

The last day of my 2 week holiday and I was looking to get another tick down in E.Sussex with another bite at an Isabelline Wheatear but like so many of the good birds lately it had flown off never to be seen again. Instead news of a Booted/Syke's Warbler at Languard saw myself my mum and my boy head off to Felixstowe. On arrival I found out that the bird had flown to a small clump of bushes South of the compound where a fairly large crowd was present. I got onto the bird straight away flitting around in a Tamarisk and occasionally on the floor. I managed a couple of record shots and my boy even took an interest (for 5 minutes!). As I was about to go and drink the hot chocolate that my mum had bought near the fort the bird flew into a mist net that had been erected. Whilst the bird was being processed a pipit sp had been seen flying into some brambles. Eventually after a few minutes it flew out and over our heads calling before being lost to view. The call was of a Tree Pipit but a few minutes later it came on the pager as an Olive-Backed Pipit! No one admitted calling it in though! After 20 minutes the ringers brought the warbler back out and told us that the measurements were inconclusive but it was most likely a Booted Warbler but more research was needed. 3 Mediterranean Gulls (2 adults and a 2nd winter) flew past the car park and then we set off for home.

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