Friday, 14 October 2011

Back Garden Vismigging - 14.10.11

I was up early this morning with plans to go to Lowestoft for a reported Isabelline Wheatear. As is typical it done a bunk overnight though from photos it may well have been just a pale Northern type. My next plan was to go to Cassiobury Park to do some vismigging but by the time i'd got my act together i'd have spent ages in traffic trying to get there so instead I stood on the back doorstep and decided to look to the skies over my garden. From 7.45-8.30am I saw the following.

351 Redwing
7 Mistle Thrush
2 Siskin
2 Lesser Redpoll
32 Greenfinch
21 Goldfinch
2 Linnet
Coal Tit

Then I went back out at 9am to hang the washing out and in the time it took me to do that I noted-

1 Fieldfare
18 Redwing
1 Linnet
1 Lesser Redpoll
2 Skylark

So not too bad and I probably missed other stuff before I got outside.

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