Monday, 4 April 2011

Cassiobury Park - 4.4.11

This morning I again went and checked the meadow in the hope of finding the elusive Lesser-Spotted Woodpecker. I pulled up in my little park vehicle and immediately heard the LSW drumming. But then I thought it can't be as it was almost continuous with very little space in between drums and I started to think it maybe a pneumatic drill being used further away but I walked into the woods on the left hand side and found the bird at the top of a dead tree and watched it madly drumming away before it called and flew over to a large dead tree on the right hand side of the meadow. I sent a few texts to local birders and a bit later Mick Frosdick, Joan Thompson, Des Mckenzie (nice to meet you Des) and another birder (who I apologise to as your name has escaped me) were present but unfortunately the bird had gone. Hopefully it will be back in the morning. Also present in the meadow were at least 4 Blackcaps and my first Willow Warbler of the year which sang briefly. Other sightings were 2 Lesser Redpolls which flew over and numerous Chiffchaffs. The Mandarin pair were still on the river just downstream from the meadow bridge. And about 30 minutes ago (around 6.20pm) my missus went and opened the front door to put the recycling out and I immediately heard Waxwings trilling! I shot to the front door to see around 10 birds in a Sycamore tree opposite number 28. I turned round to get my bins just behind me and by the time i'd turned around they had flown!

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