Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ashridge Forest - 28.4.11

The Tree Pipit from today and a photo of the Wheatear at Hilfield from yesterday.

I decided to try for the Wood Warbler again after failing to see it on Monday. I arrived around 10.30am and waited by the pond but there was no sign. I wandered off into the woods to try to find it but again no sign. Walking back to the pond a bird flew up from off the path and into a large Oak tree. To my surprise it was a Tree Pipit! Another birder (Paul Young) turned up and I waved him over and put him onto it, unfortunately it then flew off. He then mentioned that he'd just put up a pipit a few feet away. With rubbish signal I managed to get a text out to Lee Evans and Joan Thompson and then went to look for it again. I picked it up again about 20 minutes later but it flew again. Minutes later Graham Knight, Francis Buckle, Mike Campell, Dave Bilcock and Steve Blake turned up and we all waited and waited before I decided to go home around 12.40pm. As I had said my goodbyes and turned to walk back to the car a bird flew up from the ground and perched up. It was the Tree Pipit again! I got everyone onto it and a few photos were taken before it flew off again and wasn't seen again.

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