Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Zion NP - 23.8.15

Large Wasp sp
Waterfall (honestly!)
Juvenile Western Bluebird
Male Lesser Goldfinch
Chipping Sparrow
Today was another hot one as parts of the park were very secluded and in direct sun. It was also pretty quiet bird wise. 2 Steller's Jay let the world know they were there with their raucous call. Soon after I came across a couple of Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher. These were followed by the first lifer of the day when I picked out a movement at the top of a small tree and out popped 2 JUNIPER TITMOUSE. After visiting the emerald pools and seeing a small Canyon Tree Frog we needed cooling down with a large ice cream at the visitor centre! Whilst eating it I picked up a couple of lifers in the shape of 3 WESTERN BLUEBIRD and 4+ CHIPPING SPARROW. Once I'd finished eating I went for a closer look and managed a couple of pics and it was while getting the photos 2 small finches flew down close by and I was pleased to see a pair of LESSER GOLDFINCH. 6+ White-Throated Swift were at the very top of one the cliffs and as I'd noticed on the drive into the park a couple of hummingbird feeders I decided to walk back to the lodgings. This was a good idea as on one of the feeders I found 3 female/juv BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD!

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