Friday, 9 October 2015

Yosemite NP - 20.8.15

The View From Glacier Point
Our last full day in the park started off at the Stunning Glacier Point (just a shame about the toilets)! As soon as we stepped out the van I could hear a high pitched call not too dissimilar to our Goldcrest. After a short time I finally laid eyes on what was making the noise and as expected it was a family party of GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET. After watching them I turned round and accidnetaly spooked a juvenile GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE! I then went up to the viewpoint and took in the amazing view but was soon distracted by a Red-Breasted Nuthatch and Black-Throated Grey Warbler. 5 Steller's Jay and a Raven were noted before I picked out a movement ahead of me and was happily surprised to pick out 2 NASHVILLE WARBLER. Some of the group then went on a huge hike but I and the rest of the group stayed behind. While they went for a cup of tea I walked back up to the van and into some woods. Here I picked up a Mountain Chickadee and 3 American Robin. Just then to my left I picked up a bird flicking in and out of some fir trees. Eventually it showed well and showed a glorious yellow rump and throat. It was my first YELLOW-RUMPED (AUDUBON'S) WARBLER. As I stood watching it another movement nearby suddenly took flight before perching up. It was a Northern Flicker but of the red shafted variety. I'd seen plenty of the yellow shafted in New York's Central Park 2 years before.

Brewer's Blackbird
Mule Deer
A Young Victorian Rio Ferdinand!
Our Accommodation
Fact or Crap board game!!
Once everyone had finished their tea we headed back down into the park in preparation of meeting the hikers. Here myself and Carey caught one of the shuttle buses up to view El Capitan again and walk back. After getting scope views of the mad climbers through a rangers scope we set off on our walk back. Fortunately as we rounded a corner we came across a flock of birds totalling around 40-50 birds similar to a tit flock we get over here but this one contained 4 lifers! Along with a White-Headed Woodpecker, 3 Western Tanager, 6 American Robin, numerous Mountain Chickadee, Red-Breasted Nuthatch and a Black-Throated Grey Warbler I picked out my first HAIRY WOODPECKER, a female SUMMER TANAGER, HERMIT WARBLER and a big juvenile BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK! Eventually we set off back to our accommodation but half way back I picked out something climb out of the river. It was a Black Bear! With this I shouted BEAR to the van and we soon pulled over and walked back to where I'd spotted it but there were numerous hiding places and I didn't fancy going to look too closely for it! We even made 2 cars pull over wondering what we were looking at! It wasn't a total loss as I picked out a Great Blue Heron in the river and 2 Acorn Woodpecker flew over as well as my first ever WESTERN SCRUB JAY calling from a nearby tree.

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