Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Grand Canyon To Las Vegas - 29.8.15

Cars of Seligman
Closest I got to a Roadrunner!
Moth sp
Say's Phoebe on a Sheep!
Bullets and Burgers. Only in America!
Hoover Dam
Viva Las Vegas
Luxor Hotel
Our last full day came all too quickly and it was on the road for the last time. A fuel stop at Red Rocks produced a House Wren, 3 Chipping Sparrow and a few breeding Swallow. Our next stop was the town of Seligman on the famous Route 66. The town Radiator Springs was based on Seligman in the Pixar film Cars. 3 Lesser Goldfinch and numerous Swallow and Turkey Vulture were seen and one of the best Milkshakes I've ever tasted was had! After 45 minutes it was back on the road heading for lunch in Boulder City. The temperature was again on the 40's so eating lunch wasn't much fun. It was made slightly easier with the last lifer of the trip. A SAY'S PHOEBE was using nearby trees and Sheep as a perch to hunt insects!

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