Monday, 13 June 2011

ROLLER!! - 13.6.11

My 3 poor photos of a stonking bird.

Back to work this morning and the only birds of note in Cassiobury Park were a family party of Nuthatch by the rustic bridge, a juv Grey Heron that flew over the rustic bridge and a Kingfisher that flew along the river by the meadow bridge. But it was another bright blue bird though that was reported just before lunch that got me excited. A summer plumaged adult Roller had been found at Upper Hollesley Common in Suffolk! Luckily on a Monday I finish work at 3pm so rushed home and picked up my optics and left. I arrived on site around 5.15 and there it was my first ever ROLLER sat perched on the perimiter fence of the MOD land. It was just a shame that it was a tad distant and so the photos I managed of it were affected by heat haze and my inability to take a good photo!! Thankfully the drive home was traffic free so I was home by 8.15pm.

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