Saturday, 11 June 2011

MEGA - 9.6.11

My one photo of the White-Throated Robin and the small rose bed where it was when I took it.

After one offer of a lift and days of agonising and being depressed everytime I checked the pager I could take no more and so off I went on an 8 hour/500 mile round trip to Hartlepool Headland in Cleveland! And boy was it a mixture of happiness and luck that I saw the bird in question. I arrived just after 11am and walked the couple of hundred yards to join the 40 or so birders already present around the inner bowling green. I asked a birder when it was last seen and he said about 10 minutes ago but that it was in the bushes infront of us somewhere. I walked round the other side for a better vantage point and within 5 minutes out it popped and began feeding amongst the poppies and shrubs. It then flew towards us and started feeding in a small rose bed about 25 feet away and occasionally popped into full view on the grass. There infront of us was the 3rd WHITE-THROATED ROBIN for the UK. Aged as a 1st Summer Female it was truly stunning and continued to feed for about another 10 minutes before it flew off in the direction of the doctors garden where it also favoured and usually stayed there for hours on end. I hung around till 12.20pm but due to the return journey I decided that I couldn't stay any longer. A good choice aswell as it went missing for the rest of the day! Lucky or what?!!

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