Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day - 19.6.11

3 photos of the juvenile Night Heron. The bottom photo (as blurry as it is) shows a lovely orange colour to the underside of it's foot.

As it's Father's Day today I decided to have a lay in and didn't get out of bed until 10am. I had some breakfast then I did some hoovering and hung out some washing! My missus then said lets go out for dinner so we went to the Tudor Arms for a bit of food (classy I know!). Imagine then to my horror and probably every Herts birder when news broke of a Night Heron at Stockers Lake that had been on view from 9.30am till 1pm at least!! It was now 2.30pm and I was waiting for my food to arrive! Luckily it stuck around and about 3.30pm I was on site and watching my first Night Heron in Herts. Such a shame that it was a fair distance away on one of the islands so getting a decent photo was tricky (for me at least!) A Red Kite flew over aswell.

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