Thursday, 12 November 2009

Cassiobury MEGA - 12.11.09

Whilst chatting to my boss in the council yard in the park this afternoon I heard a Raven calling so I stopped chatting and looked skywards! Sure enough from behind some trees flying low South appeared 7 Crows just above the tree tops! I thought to myself blimey (being polite!) 7 Ravens but on closer inspection there was 1 Raven being mobbed by 6 Carrion Crows! They suddenly turned West and were lost to view behind more trees. It's most likely the 1st record for Cassiobury Park unless someone else knows otherwise.

The other strange bird today was a Black-Headed Gull in full summer plumage! It was with 40+ Black-heads and a single Common Gull. 2 Lesser Redpolls flew over and a female Grey Wagtail was at the top of the park.

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