Sunday, 29 April 2018

Tring + College Lake - 28.4.18

As I had a couple of hours to spare before Carey headed out for the day I shot up to Wilstone Reservoir hopefully for some more year ticks. I bumped into George who was walking back to his car but as he didn't have his scope he asked to look through mine for any Arctic Terns. Quite quickly I picked one out in the NW corner above the trees and got him onto it and then I found a Common Sandpiper on the barley bales. 2 year ticks in 2 minutes wasn't bad! He then left to join his girlfriend. I gave it another 30 minutes and in that time I added another Arctic Tern, Sand Martin, Hobby and Yellow Wagtail into the notebook.

At Marsworth a Reed Warbler was singing and at Startops a Sedge Warbler was singing next to the path.

At College Lake I joined a mini twitch for the 69 Black-tailed Godwits that had dropped in earlier. They were joined after I left by another flock and totalled 102 birds! Also present were 2 Common Sandpiper, LRP and a singing Lesser Whitethroat.

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