Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Male Parrot Crossbill

With a couple of decent sized flocks of Parrot Crossbill in Norfolk and Surrey/Berkshire us Hertfordians were daydreaming about them turning up in the county but deep down knowing it was highly unlikely. That was until Barry Reed stumbled across 3 (2 male + 1 female) in Broxbourne Woods on the 18th. Not being able to get there that day I waited on news which thankfully came out early on the 19th and headed over. As I arrived I bumped into Steve Blake who was just returning to his car and he told me where to go. After a few minutes walk I found the small crowd and immediately got onto the 2 males followed 5 minutes later by the female. These were the 1st record for Herts and a great end to the birding year.

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