Saturday, 18 April 2015

Easter - 5.4.15

Before we headed home we popped into Weybourne in the hope of some more year ticks. On the small pool adjacent to the car park the pair of Garganey were still present. These were only my 3rd and 4th of this stunning duck in Norfolk so were a pleasure to see. Next stop was the coastguard cottages east of the car park. On the walk up a Chiffchaff was singing and 2 adult summer Mediterranean Gull flew past but there was no sign of the hoped for Iceland Gull during our visit. Arriving at the field just east of the cottages I was dismayed to see the size of it and the thought of trying to find the target birds in it. Luckily after about an hour an old couple waved us over and sure enough on the field edge were 2 male Lapland Bunting. One had more chestnut on the nape and the other had an almost black throat. Both nice to see as were the 3 Yellowhammer at the other end of the field and lots of Skylarks.

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