Saturday, 27 December 2014

Scilly - 12.10.14

Jack Snipe


Black Redstart

Short-Toed Lark + Snow Bunting
Richard's Pipit

Our first full day on the islands started off with a walk past the health centre again but only a Blackcap was seen this time with another near Old Town Church. News of a Jack Snipe at Lower Moors saw us pay a visit and sure enough we found it bouncing among the reeds with 3 of its common cousins. A Water Rail and a Kingfisher added a splash of colour. We then headed to the windsock at the southern end of the runway where in with plenty of Meadow Pipit was the Short-Toed Lark and Snow Bunting. The rest of the day was spent visiting what felt like the rest of St.Mary's! My first White Wagtails of the year were seen at Rosehill with my first Black Redstart anywhere for 2 years was seen on Porth Mellon. We stopped off for a cream tea at Juliet's café and as we were eating I spotted a Peregrine over the quay. This was followed by news over the CB'sof 4 swans flying in over Samson. Steve said I doubt we'd get them from here to which I replied there they are! As they flew over Tresco they were ID'd as Whooper Swans which was a Scilly tick for me. After our snack we wandered over to the golf course where eventually after much walking around we connected with our 2nd Richard's Pipit in 2 days. We then connected with a Yellow-Browed Warbler at Newford Duckpond but then I went one better and found my own at Content albeit very briefly.

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