Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cornwall - 18.10.14

Ring-Necked Duck

American Golden Plover

Our flight was delayed due to bad weather at Lands End but eventually we got off the islands and back to the mainland. But instead of heading straight home we made a couple of detours. The first was to Drift Reservoir. Try as we may we couldn't connect with the bird we'd come to see from the car park so we walked up to the hide and connected with our first Yank of the trip in the shape of a female Ring-Necked Duck. After watching this bird we headed for Davidstow Airfield. This was a site I'd not visited before and it wasn't really what I had envisaged but none the less on a small pool of water just off the runway was a very showy juvenile American Golden Plover. Only the second one I'd seen with the last being in 2003! Another 11 Little Egret were seen on the way home and eventually I arrived back home just after 9pm.

All in all it was another enjoyable trip and thanks go to Steve, Ricky and Brendon for allowing me to join them and Ricky for doing all the driving. Despite the birds that we did see it was ironic the only 2 Yanks of the trip were on the mainland and because of this and the fact that Shetland pulled in a host of Mega's it seems that next year we will be heading North. This and the fact that next August I'll be turning 40 so it'll be a post birthday treat to myself!

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