Monday, 19 May 2014

College Lake and Hilfield Reservoir - 5.5.14

Lesser Yellowlegs
As Carey's aunt and uncle were down from Scotland we were due to head over to see them before they went on holiday to Prague. But just as we were due to head over news broke from just outside the county up near Tring at College Lake NR. With this news Carey went to her parents and I headed to College Lake. Not realising the car park was now a pricey £3 and having no money on me I parked up, walked through the visitor centre and joined a small group of birders many of them Tring regulars and quickly got onto the Lesser Yellowlegs that was showing well as it walked along the front of the island. It was my 8th in the UK but my first in summer plumage. Not wanting to get clamped or get a ticket I only stayed for a few minutes before heading over to join Carey.

After a couple of hours we said our goodbyes and I headed over to Hilfield. It was pretty quiet with just 2 patch year ticks. At least 150 Swift were overhead and a Reed Warbler was singing near the SE fountain.

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  1. Hi Ian, Re. the parking there. Worth noting for next time that it is a donation rather than set price & the recommended donation on the machine is £3. It will take whatever you give it & give you a ticket. I only had 20p on me last time so I just used that, it printed out & the ticket was valid all day!
    Cheers, Dan.