Thursday, 5 September 2013

Toronto - 26.8.13

Our last day in Toronto as and we hadn't managed to get to High Park the other day we got up to go to Spadina Quay wetlands which sounded promising. We left the hotel in light rain but as we walked towards the city the heavens opened and a large thunderstorm erupted. We sheltered in a shopping mall and bought an umbrella and put on our rain coats only to walk out into blazing sun and high humidity! As we reached the shoreline it started raining again so we had a quick drink and once the rain had stopped we walked towards the wetlands. Never has the trades description act been needed more as we walked past the 'wetlands' as it was a tiny area where apparently Pike had bred and Night Herons and Toads could be seen. The small area of water had become totally overgrown and had rubbish in it and the only bird of note was a male American Goldfinch! Disappointed we walked on a little further hoping that we had been mistaken and the wetlands were along the path but no we had found it and it was rubbish! The walk wasn't a complete disaster as 3 PINE SISKIN flew over and onto my list.

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