Thursday, 5 September 2013

New York - 27.8.13

Magnolia Warbler (honestly!)
After arriving in the Big Apple and settling into our hotel we walked the 2 blocks to the western side of Central Park. I had heard from other birders what the park has to offer and I was eager to find out for myself. At least 6 American Robin were near the entrance and a Red-Tailed Hawk flew through annoying the local Blue Jays. Common Grackle were also noted but a small bird fly catching from a fir tree saw me heading its way. Thinking it was a flycatcher of some sort I was pleased to see it was a warbler. But what one?! Good views were had but as you can see from the photo above it was pretty mobile! The dark streaking along the sides of the yellow breast coupled with a yellow rump and white patches on the upper tail eventually led me to ID it as my first ever MAGNOLIA WARBLER. It then flew over my head to another tree before going missing as the sun disappeared behind the neighbouring skyscrapers.

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