Monday, 9 September 2013

Home To Dip - 2.9.13

While waiting for our cab back to the airport for the return journey home I managed to pick up some wifi in the hotel lobby and in cam emails telling me that there was a Wryneck in a place called Stapleford near Hertford. The flight landed and I asked if it was still present to which the answer was yes. So after Carey's mum had kindly dropped us at home I grabbed my optics and headed off in the hope of adding a bird to my county list. I arrived on site 40 minutes later to the news it hadn't been seen for over an hour. I stuck it out for 2 hours but to no avail and added another Wryneck dip to my Herts list. This one was the 3rd after missing one at Norton Green by an hour and the Tyttenhanger bird by 30 minutes although that bird was only seen for a few seconds by the finder before disappearing. So it wasn't the best of starts back home and I knew that it would be seen again and so it was at around 6.30pm and that was the last sighting.

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