Monday, 15 April 2013

A Day Of Ups And Downs - 15.4.13

Yellow Wagtail and Wheatears.

The day started off with a bang with the first park record of Peregrine Falcon. I was just getting into the van when I noticed a bird of prey circling over the gardens of Cassiobury Park Avenue. Immediately I knew what it was so getting my work mates on it I ran to the car and grabbed my bins and there it was. A Peregrine! On size it was probably a male. It was on show for about 3 minutes before haeding towards the town centre where last Tuesday young Ephraim Perfect (see his blog in my blog list) had see what was most likely a pair (judging by size difference) over the YMCA building. Here's hoping they find somewhere they like the look of and stay to breed? The other year tick was a singing Blackcap. The pair of Mandarin were still by the rustic bridge and singles of Linnet, Little Owl and Buzzard were noted.

At lunch I recieved a call from Joan Thompson to say a Hoopoe had been found at Tyttenhanger GP's closely followed by a Redstart. I arranged to take Ephraim's older brother Samuel with me but unfortunately it had flown just after 1pm and there was no sign of either bird when we arrived. Compensation was had with my first 2 Sand Martin and 2 cracking male Yellow Wagtail of the year. The wagtails were in the sheepfield with an incredible 22 Wheatears. Considering i'd only seen 44 Wheatears in total in Herts to see half that total in one field was quite a sight. 2 Red Kite and a Swallow were the only other birds of note.

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