Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Portugal 30.10.12

White Stork in Faro and spot the Sacred Ibis!

A sunny start soon turned to rain almost as soon as we had walked out the foyer and into a cab heading towards Faro. We got dropped off and booked a boat trip around the nature reserve offshore. A few Yellow-Legged Gulls were in the harbour and 4 White Storks were on buildings in the town. On the boat trip which lasted an hour with a skipper who didn't speak English and in the rain with no roof a Whimbrel was the first bird of note with a pair of Gadwall closely behind. The first Spoonbills were next but by the end of the trip a total of 45 had been seen. A Common Sandpiper saw us coming and flew off but a Sacred Ibis was a surprise. 3 more White Storks were distant but the hoped for Flamingoes weren't forthcoming. Possibly the biggest surprise was of another/same Caspian Tern seen heading east. I'm not entirely sure how rare/common this species is in Portugal but to find 1 or possibly 2 of them in just 4 days certainly is unexpected! Back at the hotel and whilst standing on the balcony a Little Owl called twice.

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