Sunday, 16 September 2012

BAILLON'S CRAKE!! - 16.9.12

After dipping last weekend and hearing that it had showed well first thing yesterday I decided to give it another go. So 3.30am and I was up and out by 4am! I arrived on site just before 5am and waited for a few minutes for the wardens to open up. A brisk walk in the dark down to the hide and I managed to grab a seat and waited for it to get light enough to see anything! Just after 6am the shout went up that it was showing but dopey old me was looking in the wrong place until I gained my barings and got onto my first ever BAILLON'S CRAKE (year tick number 200) as it crept around in the reeds just infront of the hide. For the next 5 minutes we all watched this tiny bird before it disappeared back into the reeds and at the time of writing (12pm) hasn't been seen since! Unfortunately theres no accompanying photo as my poor little camera couldn't cope with the lack of light even though viewing through my scope it was clear and light. A big thank you must go to all the reserve staff who have given up their last 2 weekends to allow us to stand a chance of seeing this bird. Bring on the Autumn MEGAS!!

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