Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Strike It Lucky - 30.11.11

As I was off work today due to the national strike I made the most of the day by doing 95% of my Christmas shopping in the morning then in the afternoon I paid a visit to Tyttenhanger GP's. On arrival 3 kids were busy riding their motorbike up and down the footpath from the entrance by the mound so my hopes weren't exactly high of connecting but I had a scan and picked up the 2 Eurasian White-Fronted Geese swimming left so I wandered up that way and eventually found all the geese tucked into the vegetation either asleep or feeding. I then found the Tundra Bean Goose but after 5 minutes of viewing all the birds on the pit became jittery and suddenly all the geese flew off towards Willow's Farm. Both species being year ticks.

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