Friday, 4 November 2011

Cassiobury Park - 4.11.11

The Male GS Woodpecker just before release.

An exciting day started with a Lesser Redpoll over the yard followed by a great flock of 10 Bullfinches just North of the cafe. But after lunch it all kicked off with 2 RN Parakeets making more noise than usual. I went to investigate and flushed out a Fox from behind the garages. I thought that was what was causing the commotion but the noise was still going so I looked over the fence and found a Sparrowhawk pinning down a Great-Spotted Woodpecker! It flew off with its prey once it saw me so I went round the back and the hawk flew off leaving the woody breathing heavily. So I picked it up and noted it only had a small puncture wound on its back. I placed it in a box to calm down and dry off and then released it at around 2pm when it flew off without so much as a thank you!! Another noteworthy bird was a possible Woodpigeon x Feral Pigeon hybrid. The bird was smaller than the woodies it was with and superficially resembled a feral but when it took flight it had the wing and tail pattern of a Woodpigeon.


  1. Glad you saved the beautiful woodpecker, what a privilege to hold such a beautiful bird :-) well done you :-)

    Great photo too!

  2. I've only seen one of these birds in real life 'GSW' and have always wanted to see a bullfinch, your very lucky to see such a wonderful number of different birds, on a daily basis!

    Very jealous of you Ian!

    Kristin :-)