Thursday, 24 March 2011

This Week So Far - 21-24.3.11

Not too much to add on here other than 2 Sparrowhawks and a few more Chiffchaffs. Yesterday evening saw my first Pipistrelle Bat of the year as it flew over the road outside my mums house. Today though was pretty good with 3 different Chiffchaffs dotted around Watford aswell as a Meadow Pipit that landed briefly at KGV playing fields. The highlight though was around 4.15pm when I went into the garden to get the washing in and immediately heard calling Waxwings! At first I couldn't see them but thankfully they decided to fly in and land in a large Ash tree beind the garden of the house 2 doors away. I counted 16 of them in total and had just enough time to get my scope and take a single photo (see above) through my new phone. They started eating the leaf buds but unfortunately they flew off over the green after just 5 minutes viewing. These could possibly be my last of this invasion which would be sad :( . At least I can count them as seen from the garden list!!

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