Thursday, 16 December 2010

WAXWINGS - 16.12.10

Well grass cutting in the rain in December when you feel like death warmed up isn't exactly the best way to spend a day at work but today it was. At 9.30 this morning I arrived to cut the grass in St.John's road play area opposite the Escourt Arms pub and on exiting the van I was greeted with the chorus of trilling. Waxwings!! Thinking it'll probably be another 7 as that seems to be as big a number I find at the moment (not that i'm complaining!!) but I looked up and the tops of the 2 biggest trees were covered in birds. First thing to do was count them as best I could and I finished on 133 birds with others that flew off it was probably nearer 150! This was far and away the biggest flock of Waxwings i'd seen not just in Herts but the UK and i'd found them! I phoned some local birders to let them know and put the news out on the pager. I popped back just after 2pm and found yes you guessed it just 7 left!! Len Goodman from strictly come dancing would have a field day!! SEVEN!

On arriving back at Cassiobury Park I once again heard that distinctive trilling and 2 more Waxwings flew over!

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