Monday, 13 December 2010

Wax A Day! - 13.12.10

7 Waxwings in the nearby tree, a close up of 2 of the birds and the Rowan tree.

Today was spent in Cassiobury Park and what a first couple of hours it was bird wise. Whilst in the council yard at 7.50am looming out of the mist at just above tree top height was a Raven with a mouthfull of something, only the 2nd ever record for the park! 10 minutes later a trilling call was heard and just overhead flew a Waxwing. This was the first record for the park since the 59 I found in 2005. Later on a Little Egret was on the river, 80 Siskins were in the Alders next to the new hide and nearby 2 Water Rails squealed away. On the cress beds were 3 Teal and a male Tufted Duck. The tufty was possibly the same bird seen on the fishing lake earlier in the year which was only the 9th record for the park. 2 Little Owls called to each other near the football pitches and just before lunch a Great-Spotted Woodpecker started drumming.

After work I tried looking for more Waxwings in Diamond Road but he 5 fully laden Rowan trees were birdless. I then thought i'd try my luck just around the corner from where I live where on Saturday I failed to locate Bob Cripps 2 Waxwings in a small yellow berried Rowan on the junction of Louvain Way and Poplar Close but as luck would have it as I approached the tree up flew a single bird and joined another 6 in a nearby tree. I rang Bob to let him know and after he'd seen them I raced home and dragged the missus out to see them as she'd been wanting to see one for a while now!! Unfortunately the photos I took were in fading light and so pretty rubbish!!

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