Friday, 3 December 2010

Cemetary Sightings - 29.11 - 3.12.10

Well as you may have noticed theres not been an update for a while. Mainly due to the fact i've not been anywhere as it's either been dark once i've finished work or last weekend I had my son over and it was too cold to drag him anywhere!

This week i've been in Vicarage Road Cemetary every day clearing snow from paths and reducing the hedges at the front and back. With the weather as it's been the birds have flocked in to feed on the berries and numbers have been impressive (by cemetary standards anyway)!

4 species of thrush have been seen with at least 6 Mistle Thrushes and a couple of Fieldfares but Redwings are numbering in the 50's and Blackbirds into double figures. A few Goldfinch and Greenfinch drop in as do a few Jays. At least twice this week a Sparrowhawk has zoomed in and put everything up but then been mobbed by crows. But there have been no signs or sounds of any Waxwings and theres not likely to be as most of the berries have gone! Unless they eat Yew berries?!!

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