Monday, 30 August 2010

East Prawle And The Point - 30.8.10

The male Cirl Bunting, adult and juv White Wagtail and a strange fly? Answers on a postcard!!

As it's my birthday today and the fact that a potential 1st for Britain was only just down the road the decision was made to try and see it. Finally after driving for what seemed forever through the tiny country lanes we made it to the lovely village of East Prawle. After asking one of the locals where the Old Cider House was I made my way down and waited by the gate for 20 minutes or so and then from above my head a bird flew out of one bush and into an Elderberry. There sat on top was the red male HOUSE FINCH. A potential first for Britain but some say that it's not normally known for long distance migration and it probably got a lift across the Atlantic on a boat and therefore can't be counted. It was a nice looking bird and is now an insurance tick and in the future hopefully an armchair tick!! There was also plenty of Swallows and House Martins flying around. Next stop was about a miles walk though with all the hills it felt longer. Prawle Point is owned by the National Trust and is home to the lovely looking Cirl Buntings. The field next to the small car park had around a dozen White Wagtails and 2 Yellow Wagtails in it. A walk east along the coast path saw nothing more than a Buzzard and a Kestrel but on the way back suddenly there was a male Cirl Bunting sat on some bracken. This was followed by a female and 3 juveniles. (photos to come). On the way back a pair of Stonechats were feeding a juv and my second Clouded Yellow butterfly in two days flew past. A quick loo stop in Kingsbridge produced a Little Egret on the estuary.

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