Thursday, 25 June 2009

Norfolk Weekend

The Hoopoe at Great Ryburgh and a 'sunbathing' Mole at the same site!!

After dropping off my future step-daughter and her boyfriend off for their hols in Hemsby myself and my girlfriend carried onto North Walsham to spend a couple of days. We unpacked and then decided to go to the North coast to have a wander (and see a few birds hopefully!!).

First port of call was West Runton where the previous October i'd dipped a Blyth's Reed Warbler but this time I came up trumps (eventually). After a 15 minute wait a small group of GREY-HEADED WAGTAILS (4 males and 1 female) flew into view. So luckily I didnt have to wait too long to grip back the missed bird at Grove Ferry, just 3 days infact!! Another lifer (ok a sub-species tick) though in my eyes if a bird is identifiably different from something else then it should be countable hence I count Blue-Headed Wagtail aswell as they are so different from Yellow Wagtail!! Just my opinion.

We then set off for Blakeney Freshmarsh/Friary Hills in the hope of adding my 2nd species of Pratincole in a few days. Again luck was on my side as although distant a Collared Pratincole showed in flight and on the deck. My first since May 2001!

The final stop was Great Ryburgh not for Honey Buzzard but for a Hoopoe. We arrived to find nobody around but within 20 minutes a few others had turned up we managed to find it feeding in an adjacent field.

All in all a very good day!

This was followed the next day with a trip to Cromer where between heavy rain showers a couple of Fulmars got onto the year list.

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