Monday, 29 June 2009

Back to Norfolk

Avocet, Barnacle Goose, Black-Winged Stilt and Ruff at Pensthorpe.

After the excellent weekend in Norfolk I was back again the following week this time staying in my dads caravan in Hemsby with my partner and my son. Unfortunately this time was lacking in good birds to go see, so as Springwatch was on the telly we decided to go to Pensthorpe and have a look around and maybe get on tv!

A Honey Buzzard that I saw from the car near the village of Stibbard was flying towards the Raptor Watchpoint at nearby Great Ryburgh, luckily there was a layby so I pulled in and got my bins onto it until it flew behind some trees.

Inside Pensthorpe a Marsh Tit was seen in the woodland and I did cheat a bit and take photos of the captive birds so I could add them to this blog.

It wasn't until the Friday evening when just as I was about to go to the chippy to get some dinner that the MEGA alert went of on my pager and I thought to myself lets hope its nearby though I was half expecting it to be either Shetland or worse still Herts! But to my amazement it said Mega Norfolk Great Knot at Breydon Water!! I ran to the chippy and back and said keep mine in the oven ill be back soon!! By 7pm I was on site and watching the bird tho it was pretty distant about half way out from the South wall. It was only later that evening that doubts started about its true identity as some were saying it was just a Red Knot. Photos proved unconclusive so I and the other birders will just have to wait and see if it gets accepted and give us all a nice armchair tick. Though to me it didnt look like a Red Knot from the views I got.

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