Thursday, 14 May 2015

Looking A Little Roseier - 12.5.15

Roseate Tern
I'd finished work and then at 6.30 I had an appointment with the chiropractor in Kings Langley. I'd planned to visit Wilstone afterwards for a summer plumaged Turnstone on the jetty and had texted Carey to say as such. Near the end of my appointment I could hear my phone ringing but couldn't answer it. Thinking it was Carey getting back to me I checked my phone on the way to the car and saw a text from Steve Blake and a missed call from Mike Illet! Something's just been found at Amwell. I listened to Mike's voicemail to hear the words Roseate Tern at Amwell!! I quicklyphoned Carey and asked if she could put my dinner in the microwave as I may be some time! The M25 was being kind and so I was on site within 25 minutes. A brisk walk up to the viewpoint and there it was sat on the mud my first ever Roseate Tern in Herts. In fact it was everyone's first as the only previous record was from Tring in 1969! It was ringed on both legs meaning it was from Coquet Island's population in Northumberland. It was a bit flighty and so gave newcomers some stressful moments but it was present until 9pm allowing many to connect even if most were in the doghouse for leaving half way through dinner! Thanks to Adrian Hall for finding it and Mike and Steve for the news.

Amwell has now produced my last 3 Herts ticks in the shape of Yellow-Browed Warbler, Bluethroat and the Roseate Tern. What will number 4 be?!

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