Monday, 15 July 2013

Chipperfield - 1.7.13

Hard to believe but 10 years ago today my son Tom was born! Where the last decade has gone I dont know but its a bit scary! At Cassiobury Park around 40 Swift were screeching around and were flying so close I could hear the bills snapping shut when they had caught a fly! After work I popped in to see Tom and wish him happy birthday and later on me and Carey wandered over to the 2 Brewers pub in the village. As we walked past the area where the Firecrest was found a couple of weeks earlier I was amazed to hear one again. What was even more amazing was that there were 2 birds and one of them had food in its mouth! I'd only gone and found a breeding pair 3 minutes from home! After dinner both birds were still around and possibly a third bird was heard in the next garden down. Had I found a small colony of them?

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