Monday, 18 February 2013

Hyde Park - 16.2.13

3 zoomed up hand held phone photos

After my son had mentioned the other weekend that he'd like to be an artist when he's older he asked if we could go to an art gallery! So a day out in London was had with a wander round the National Gallery seeing Van Gogh's, Constable's and Monet's and being told by a jobsworth foreign guard not to point at the paintings. After a quick doughnut and cup of tea we headed over to Hyde Park. Almost as soon as we entered the park a couple of Greylag Geese flew over and along with a few pairs of Egyptian Geese got onto my year list. But the main reason for going was soon found near the Diana Memorial fountain (more like an insult than a memorial) in a tiny reedbed I soon found the 2 female Bearded Tits that had been present for a couple of months. They showed amazingly well just a few feet away for the next 5 minutes quite unlike Bearded Tits usually behave!

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