Friday, 15 February 2013

Cassiobury Mega!! - 15.2.13

After the report of the LS Woodpecker from the meadow I had a quick 2 minute look while my boss turned the van around and as I got to the end of the bridge 2 ducks flew up from the flood water. They were a pair of GADWALL! They saw me and took flight but landed only c.40ft away. This was a park first for me making them my 105th species I'd seen in the park and after checking my records they were confirmed as a first for the park becoming the 156th species! Not bad for a park in Watford! Unfortunatley I couldn't stay to enjoy them as I had to get back to work and there was no sight or sound of any woodpeckers. A male Mandarin was reported to me this afternoon also in the meadow.

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