Sunday, 5 February 2012


A male Common Crossbill and 4 photos of the Parrot Crossbill.

With the prediction of heavy snow forecast for the Saturday evening I was up at 6.30am and headed of for Black Down NT in W.Sussex in the hope of adding another new species to my list. I arrived on site just after 8am and along with 2 other birders promptly took the wrong track! After 15 minutes of walking and not getting anywhere we turned round and just before the car park found the main track we should have taken! Along our wrong turn 2 Bullfinches were seen and a few Siskin and Crossbills were heard but eventually we were in the correct place and within minutes a flock of around 40 Crossbills flew in. Quickly the shout went up that the target bird had been found and sure enough for the next 15 minutes we all watched the female PARROT CROSSBILL. The only other bird of note was a Woodlark singing somewhere in the distance. I arrived home safely and sure enough down came the snow.


  1. A great day by all accounts, some lovely birds seen. Must have been nice to hear the Woodlark!

  2. Hi Marc, Thanks for your comments and apologies in the lateness of my replies. This is mainly because I get so few comments I didn't notice yours there! Glad you like my blog and photos and hope to read more of your comments soon.