Sunday, 19 February 2012


The Twitch and 4 record shots of the stunning Common Yellowthroat.

While walking up to the viewpoint at Amwell on Thrursday the Mega alert sounded on my pager for the first time this year with the amazing news of a Common Yellowthroat in South Wales. I had to put going out of my mind as it wasmy weekend with my son. Luckily for me my good old mum said she would look after him for a bit so that I could go! So I left at 6.45am and was on site around 9.15am. I parked up and wandered down to the field entrance and paid my pound. I got into position along with around 100 or so other birders and luckily within 5 minutes out popped my first ever COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. In the early morning sun the bird shone like a yellow and green beacon as it flitted around in the long grass. I managed the record shots above in the few occasions it popped out. It went missing for minutes at a time then popped up just a few feet away from where it was last seen. I spent just over an hour on site before having to head home to be with my boy. Numerous Red Kites were seen going and coming along the M4 and a Raven near Swindon was a bonus year tick.

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