Friday, 26 August 2011

Oh My God-wit - 26.8.11

The day in Cassiobury Park started off dry so first point of call was the paddling pool area which needed a quick tidy up. Whilst litter picking I heard a RN Parakeet calling so I looked up but immediately my gaze shifted to a huge flock of waders flying overhead in a Westerly direction! There was a large messy clump of birds at the front with a long thin line of single birds trailing behind. First thing I did was ID them as Godwits and because of the feet projecting beyond the tail and the fact they had black tails I safely ID'd them as Black-Tailed Godwits! These were the first record for the park and I had a quick attempt at counting them and estimated the flock to be around 150 strong! I can only imagine what I miss flying over when most of my time is spent looking at the ground! A little later a Sparrowhawk dive bombed into gardens backing onto the park.

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