Monday, 7 June 2010

Mega Marmora's Miss - 6.6.10

Tree Pipit

After driving back from Norfolk on the Saturday I could have done with a rest but unfortunately during the holiday a Marmora's Warbler had been found in Gwent so off I went and just under 3 hours later I was on site with people saying it's still there and showing. Unfortunately for me it had flown 4 minutes before I arrived at the viewing area and for the next 2 hours it went missing. 3pm arrived and I had to set off home but 30 minutes back on the road it returned but I couldn't turn round and go back.

If it's still there i'll be going back on Saturday!

Other birds seen were a couple of male Whinchats, Tree Pipit, Cuckoo and 4 Ravens that flew through.

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